Nextra 682x612


Nextra Bribie Island

Steve Kurtz

Name of your shop or service: Nextra Newsagent

Tell us a bit about your shop or service: We are the news agency in the Centre and sell traditional news agency lines, including Golden Casket lotto along with a wide range of beautiful giftware.

What’s in season or really popular right now with shoppers? 
We just finished with the back to school lines and are now we are heading into Valentine’s Day and Easter.  

… and what’s your favourite thing in store at the moment? The variety of our giftware. We are attending a trade show in the coming weeks which will enable us to stock up on new lines and add to our front display case.   

How long have you been working here? 
We recently bought the business in November 2017 though I have 17 years’ experience within the New agency industry.

Are you a big or small crew - how many of you working there? 
We currently have a team of 10.

What would you say is the best part of your job? 
Interacting with customers and customer satisfaction is rewarding.

What are your interests in life? Any hobbies, interests or mad obsessions? 
I do enjoy a day on the golf course and I also own and race horses outside of work.